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How does it work?

Receiving mail

IntraMail will download al the messages it can find on all your external accounts. This messages will be temporarly saved in a local map 'Local'.

IntraMail will then create a record with the basic information of each new mail:

And as a last step this record of information will be used to check with your filters and so the mail will be placed in a folder with the same name as the username of the user.

Note: when an e-mail has not been copied or deleted afther processing al the filters, this e-mail will be moved to the local folder 'NotDeliveredMails'

Sending mail

For sending mail, IntraMail uses 3 fases.
If the server receives a new mail, this mail is stored in the folder "smtptemp". It is possible that the client sends more than 1 mail at once so it is possible that there are multiple mails in the folder "smtptemp". When al the mails are stored, the second process is started, this process analyses the mails, it searches to who you want to send each mail and if it finds an e-mailaddress that has been configured to be intern, IntraMail process the mail with the filters like the mail was received from an external mailbox. If there are also other receivers, IntraMail wil copy the mail also to the folder SMTP where the mail will wait until the third process starts. This 3th fase runs just before IntraMail tries to check the external mailboxes.

What if you restart and there is still a mail in a folder like local, smtptemp or smtp?

If you restart IntraMail and there is still a mail in one of those temporary folders, IntraMail will detect this message and restart the process where it was stopped. Note: It is possible that a message in the folder local need to wait a little longer before detection.


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